YL Holiday Catalog

YL Holiday Catalog

The Young Living Holiday Catalog is Here!

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Many fantastic items but some of the ones I am most excited about are:

Essential Oils Basics Set – includes Thieves, Peppermint and Lavender or the classics! Versatile use and a must-have for any home.

Thieves – reminiscences the holidays with it’s cinnamony aroma. Also an essential for the season due to it’s immune system supporting properties.

Peppermint – refreshing and uplifting, and a great oil to support the digestive system during the upcoming days of overeating.

Lavender – calming, gentle and the Swiss Knife of essential oils. Use it to promote relaxation, support beautiful skin or just freshen the air.

Christmas Spirit – Sweet, spicy blend of orange, cinnamon, and spruce essential oils that tap into the happiness, joy, and security associated with the holiday season. Diffuse and enjoy!

Ecuadorian Dark Chocolate – two different options spiced with pure Young Living essential oils – tangerine/ ginger or cinnamon/ nutmeg/ clove. Did I mention CHOCOLATE? Do I need to say more? Which spice combo is your choice?

Tree Scent Set – if you have an artificial tree, this set with bring the freshness of the forest to your home.

Essence of the Season – includes the oils of the Bible and Frankincense and Myrrh gum resins to bring the spirit of the season to your home!

Resin Burner – I absolutely love the smell of Frankincense resin in this burner. It brings me back to church back home! It is uplifting and supports spiritual awareness.

Spice Up the Season Vitality Oils – Are you a virtuoso in the kitchen? Let these little workers help you impress your company. Pick and choose as your taste buds dictate.

Wolfberry Tea Set – Who isn’t ready to get toasty with a cup of hot tea? Organic and loaded in anti-oxidants tea and comes with two beautiful mugs.

Ningxia Red Holiday Set – from a Ningxia Red addict, this supplement is a daily essential and in use for every member of my family! Tastes great, loaded in anti-oxidants. It actually also makes for great cocktails mixed with carbonated water or champagne along with essential oils. If you are considering this one, I strongly encourage you to review the Ningxia Red Starter Kit. It will get you a lot more for the money, will make you a member, which would then allow you to get 24% discount on anything you buy forward.

Shutran Bar Soap & After Shave – for the men in your life, let them enjoy the pure luxury of these products!

KidScents – definitely check out the Mini Set as this is a holiday special; the oils are pre-diluted and suitable for kids older than 2 years old. We also use the bath gel, and my little one loves it!

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