The Ultimate Recharge

The Ultimate Recharge

Emma Shapplin – I am not sure why I didn’t think about her music previously. The perfect compliment to a Pilates workout.

Diffusing Frankincense resin in the diffuser. Smelling the crisp, pure aroma allowing it to elevate the mind and uplift the spirits. Feeling the cold leather under the back, the stiffness of the wood hand handles, the refreshing freeze coming through the open window, the fire in the burning muscles. Focusing the gaze on the BElieve in YOUrself sign. Hearing the high pitch that flows powerfully and perfectly compliments the rhythmic movements of the body and synchronizes with each breath.

A hot shower with a few drops of Spearmint – uplifting but also allowing release of emotional blocks and bringing a sense of balance. A needed outburst of emotions….Post shower blog while enjoying diffusing Inner Child….

The ultimate recharge to the body, mind and spirit….especially on a day when they all want is to curl up and stay in bed and reminiscent past times. On a day when the child inside is hurting and wanting her daddy back.

Body, mind and spirit feeling nourished….

How do you recharge? If you have never felt your entire self connected, it is a powerful experience! If you would like to work with me, let me know.



Emma Shapplin

Rebellious Intl
Rebellious Intl
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