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Iliana Dobrev

As her name suggests, Maria Angelova is a Godsend gift! A truly enlightened person, who can help us all discover our true selves and show us how to lead more authentic and fulfilling lives. In our fast paced daily routine, often we forget that sometimes we just need to slow down, take a break and breathe. We underestimate the importance of taking care of ourselves so much that we don't even know how to do it any more. Maria is an inspiring guide to reconnecting with our selves and achieving mind-body-spirit coherence. I strongly recommend all of her services or even just hanging out with her :)!

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Joyce G.

Maria is an incredible instructor and a wonderful person who cares about each individual and their personal needs/goals.

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Janetta Bryksin

Maria's approach to teaching Pilates is definitely not a "pop-Pilates" style. She invests time in explaining the mechanics of every move and builds up from there. I love the holistic approach she takes in her teaching where she combines physical, emotional, and medicinal power of Pilates. She is simply the best!

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Kayla Lewis

I want to recommend my neighbor, Maria Angelova’s home-based Pilates studio. I have taken both private and group classes and both reformer and mat style. I started as a complete beginner. Maria is an excellent teacher who is very knowledgable, supportive and motivated to help her students. Her classes have been life changing! I am getting stronger and incorporating the posture and movements I’ve learned with Maria into my daily activities.

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Christine Bruno

Because electronic screen time, travel body scrunch, and car butt pain were twisting my musculoskeletal system into an aching hunk of plumpness that even massages and epsom salts could not relieve, I knew I had to do something! A neighbor suggested I try pilates with Maria. Maria's instruction focuses on correct positioning and muscle grouping. By focusing on "core position" and muscle groupings, rather than quick malpositioned repetitions, in both her individual and group classes, the core is strengthened. I now have better posture, more flexibility and more of a waist. Most importantly, the soreness is gone, my ability to engage stress less "stressfully" improved and I LOVE to go to an exercise class!

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In addition to improving my strength & flexibility, Pilates has benefited my self confidence, health and overall happiness.

As an added bonus, I’ve been able to eliminate much of the stress and anxiety I’ve carried around with me for years.

I’ve been taking Maria’s Pilates classes for nearly two years. Her enthusiasm and energy are infectious. No matter what sort of stress or pressure I feel upon arrival, it always disappears within the first few minutes of the workout. I leave class refreshed, energized and feeling like I’ve done something positive and special just for me!

Thank you Maria!

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“Weak core? You HAVE TO try Pilates with Maria. She targets the core like no one I have worked with before!”

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“Pilates has done wonders for my sex life!”

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“Maria will not only workout with you but she will also listen to you. I have a chronic condition and since working with Maria, my anxiety level has gone down.”

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“The pain and swelling in my joints are gone!”

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“I may have a super stressful day, but an hour Pilates session with Maria always has me rejuvenated and calmed.”

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“I have done Pilates before but working out with Maria is a different experience! She will coach you, offer corrections and challenge you throughout the entire session.”


“My posture has definitely improved while working regularly with Maria. I didn’t realize how much tension and stress I was carrying in my upper body.”


“Maria’s perspective on fitness is very different than industry standards. Maria teaches you to listen to your body and respect it. Her goal is to make you feel stronger, empowered but also to look forward to your workouts as body and mind therapy.”

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“I never before thought about listening to my body for the type of workout I needed. I was always after intensity and a strenuous workout. Until one day, Maria said my movement dictated I take it easy. I hadn’t realized how stressed out I was and the light workout with stretching we did was pure therapy.”

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Maria persuaded me to try Pilates to strengthen my core to help me with my running. After a few private sessions with Maria, I fell in love with it, and I am a regular Pilates student. My body is stronger, it has really transformed, and I know I have ways to go. Maria makes it fun and challenging, knowing how to push me while showing me how far along I have made it.

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I first met Maria when she was teaching fitness classes at my gym. Her always smiling face and high-energy personality made the combination of a great fitness instructor. She encouraged everyone in class to do our best, constantly checked our form, and pushed us to improve, all while smiling away! She was so friendly and approachable, it did not take long before we became friends.

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I was introduced to essential oils by Maria while I was dealing with some skin issues. I had been to dermatologists multiple times and was seeking alternatives. Maria’s strong belief in Young Living oils had me curious, and I’m so glad I tried them because the essential oils has helped improved my overall health.

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I’m very thankful to Maria for introducing me to Young Living essential oils! Once you start using the oils it takes time to adjust your mind to not using so much medicine but instead switch to more natural ways. Of course, like many people would do, I did research about oils and tried different brands but so far I didn’t find any brand on the market that can be compared to Young Living. YL oils are therapeutic grade, pure essential oils, they do not contain synthetic components in them. Which means you can even use some of them internally. For me it was life changing to learn what wonders the oils can do! As my YL mentor, Maria is not only very competent in essential oils but also is willing to help and answer whatever questions I may have. She’s very passionate about her mission and devoted to passing her knowledge to others and helping people live more healthy lifestyles. And that’s what I like about her, she’s always ‘there for you’!

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As a chemist, I am extremely careful about reading labels and using safer products. I recently began integrating Beautycounter products into my lifestyle, and there are definitely no regrets.

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Thank you Maria for all that you do; your passion is inspirational!

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The staff really enjoyed the session yesterday. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Thank you so much for offering this much-needed opportunity for us.

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Mary, once again, thank you for sending the link to this video. This was super informative and inspiring. I realize more and more how very little I know about all the chemicals and ingredients that go into my cosmetics. Now I am researching parabens, sulfates, you name it….this is super helpful. I was checking my skincare and was amazed….my day cream, body cream have parabens….[X] brand has parab

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I’m so grateful there are instructors and educators like you, Maria Angelova! The area of oils can be tricky and misunderstood at best and gimmicky weird in the worst. You know the value and YLEO are among the best. Thank you for all you do to help us be healthy!

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I recently met Maria at a free event where she partnered with health professionals to bring people information on the benefits – not only of the products she provides – but of also living a healthy lifestyle. Her passion, love for people, deep understanding of health and high respect for what she does, certainly sets her apart. The meeting was uplifting, useful and very comfortable and cozy. I appreciated not being sold to or talked to, but instead, being part of the conversation where each of us mattered. After speaking with Maria and getting a chance to meet her at this event, I am very grateful and look forward to collaborating with her in the future! She left me inspired!

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Essential oils had been on my radar since I attended an informational session in March 2015. I was not yet ready to take the plunge as I felt like it was a huge investment to make right out of college, and I didn’t yet have the encouragement of an oily support system behind me. After continuously hearing about them over the next year, I was more curious than ever. Exactly one year later in March 2016, Maria and I met on a corporate business outing and started talking essential oils. She invited me over for a “make and take”, and the rest is history. Essential oils have changed my everyday life. They are so practical and easy to have on hand wherever I may be, and I never leave home without them. The main reason I wanted to start on this journey was to improve my overall health and wellness, specifically adrenal glands support and promoting relaxation. I never expected it to develop into something so much greater. You learn something new everyday whether it be a new vitality oil you can use in a recipe, an oil you can add to your beauty regimen, or one that supports your personal overall wellness in a new way. What keeps me coming back to Young Living is the quality of the oils and the amazing community that comes with it. I wish and hope that your journey with essential oils is nothing but exciting and brings you happiness and empowerment as it did for me.

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I got to say that you created an oil monster in me! I have become so addicted to the oils and use them daily now. I have changed my perfume to Joy! Every now and then, I use perfume but only on the clothes….not the body. Still a lot to learn but have been satisfied with all the oils I have tried so far!

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I went from a non-believer to believer in essential oils thanks to Lavender. It helped me tremendously with frequent cold sores and helps me sleep much better. Purification is another one that I absolutely love!

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It gives me hope to know that there are cleaner ways to live your life by using essential oils instead of using chemicals, whether it is for energy, calming, maintaining the body systems, cleaning and so much more. It is awesome to learn about oil use from Maria, who is so passionate about clean living.”

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So this little man [a not so little dog, pictured in the original message] thanks YL…..he had horrible flakes and scabs all over his body. We googled essential oils, and a vet mentioned YL using frankincense, lavender and coconut oil. We rubbed him down and a week later – voila! He was all pretty again!

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I have known you for like 3 months and you’ve got three new people under you and have impacted 5 lives – my mom and family! Hubby got his feet rubbed down with Thieves last night, and my younger one was rubbed down with Panaway and frankincense on her hand wounds from the bar after 3.5 hours of gymnastics. My older daughter is currently diffusing in her apartment for her and her roomies. And all this while you have been caged up. The possibilities are amazing and exciting!

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My house is starting to look like a chemistry lab! And my dog loves frankincense! When I diffuser it, he starts running in the room wherever I am diffusing and puts his nose in the air trying to find the source! The first time I did it, he was in his pet bed sounds asleep. He jumped out of his bed like he smelled a female dog in heat. I had it in the girls’ bathroom, and he sniffed the tub and garbage looking for it!

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Pilates has transformed my body. I used to be a cardio junkie and have always had to be careful with weights because I bulk up naturally. Pilates has made me stronger and leaner. Mentally, a session of Pilates quiets my mind. It requires such focus that I have to forget the daily to-do list and focus on my body, my breath. Pilates helps me run faster and with better form. Because of Pilates, I am stronger in my late 30’s than I was in my 20’s.

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The Beautycounter Cleansing Balm is the bomb! It not only cleanses the skin but leaves it baby-bottom soft. I love leaving the balm longer as a mask to provide extra skin hydration!

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I thought you would like this text I got from a friend that was over last night. “I wanted to ask you. Your skin looked so pretty last night. Are you using a new product or did you have a peel or something else? It looks awesome like you had Botox or something”.My skin does look better! I need to order some more.

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