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RIWN – Stephanie Wolfe – The Whole Food Health Coach

Rebellious Intl Wellness Network Presents - STEPHANIE WOLFE - The Whole Food Health Coach! A Master Certified Health and Wellness Coach at Dr. Sears Wellness Institute, Stephanie is a 2-time cancer survivor, a speaker, and educator. She views health from a whole food standpoint, a key to preventing illness and disease. Stephanie believes in prevention over cure. https://youtu.be/Uxvq1IOgwpQ...

Skin Care Testimonial

Nothing like receiving this text from a Beautycounter client: "I thought you would like this text I got from a friend that was over last night. "I wanted to ask you. Your skin looked so pretty last night. Are you using a new product or did you have a peel or something else? It looks awesome like you had Botox or something". My skin does look better! I need to order some more. " Imagine! Skin care that works AND is made with safer ingredients! My client had purchased the 'For Your Favorite' collection (below) during the holidays.   How to Order    ...

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