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Environmental Toxins & Health

WHAT ARE ENVIRONMENTAL TOXINS? Environmental toxins are naturally occurring or human-made chemicals that can be harmful to our health by disrupting delicate biological processes and systems. There are a variety of environmental toxins found all around us. They are in the air we breathe, in the food we eat, in the personal care and cosmetic products we apply to our skin, in the cleaning products, in the laundry and dry-cleaning detergents, in scented products creating aroma in our homes, in the products we apply to our lawns; environmental toxins are everywhere. There is consensus that exposure to toxic chemicals plays a role in the incidence and prevalence of diseases and disorders in the U.S. There are over 80,000 chemicals on the market. Few of these chemicals have been...

Beautycounter – Kids & Toxins

What we put ON our skin matters. Choose wisely, especially for kids, teens and anyone with compromised immune system. Personal care and cosmetics are an easy venue to make small changes to positively impact health.  ...

Beautycounter – From Babies to Teens Event

Hosting a Facebook online event on Wednesday, 3/22 starting @ 11:30 AM EST. Join even if you can't be there for the live launch. The event will remain open for 2 weeks. There will be much information shared on some of the most toxic chemicals for children which highlights why Beautycounter's mission carries such significance.   Link to the Facebook Event   WHY AN EVENT ESPECIALLY DEDICATED TO THE YOUNGSTERS IN OUR LIVES? Here is an excerpt from the event script. Children are a population particularly vulnerable to toxic exposure. Their bodies are smaller, and, therefore, the same amount of chemicals equates to a higher percentage of body weight. Their protective systems are not fully developed and thus do not offer the same shielding and processing as an adult body....

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