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RIWN Presents Sarah Galambos

Rebellious Intl Wellness Network Presents - SARAH GALAMBOS! Sarah is a passionate and empathic Life Coach, Yoga Teacher, and Reiki Master. She combines these modalities to help clients create and sustain a maintainable balance between mind, body, spirit and emotion. Sarah has a BA in Psychology, a certified Life Coach and Yoga teacher.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GxHM0DNrcco...

Blogging on a Sleepless Night

As I was tossing and turning sleepless in bed thanks to an afternoon cup of coffee, I got annoyed and thought I should do something useful with my time. So, totally knowing that getting the computer is NOT the right thing to do, I did it anyway because I felt like writing. Because writing is one thing I love to do...

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