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Do Safer Cosmetics Really Matter?

NOTE: The below blog may contain information that some may find disturbing. Do safer cosmetics really matter? In light of what I know and now my work, yes, they do. I have found myself lately in great conversations with friends on the topic. I try really hard to not be that annoying friend that always talks about ingredient safety. I often bite my tongue and sometimes it's easier than others. I can truthfully say that I get a lot more excited about a friend or loved one using a pure essential oil or cleaner cosmetic product than for the sale. Several recent conversations prompted this blog. It is never my intent to scare people; it is always my intent to offer information and make people think. In one...

RIWN – Stephanie Wolfe – The Whole Food Health Coach

Rebellious Intl Wellness Network Presents - STEPHANIE WOLFE - The Whole Food Health Coach! A Master Certified Health and Wellness Coach at Dr. Sears Wellness Institute, Stephanie is a 2-time cancer survivor, a speaker, and educator. She views health from a whole food standpoint, a key to preventing illness and disease. Stephanie believes in prevention over cure. https://youtu.be/Uxvq1IOgwpQ...

Toxic Load and Women of Color

A fantastic and quick presentation by Madame-Athena Chang, Director of Community, on toxic load for women of color.   "Some of the most toxically loaded products on the market today are marketed to women of color." I was at an event last year and speaking to an oncology nutritionist. I mentioned that women of color carry higher toxic load and she seemed surprised for a minute. Then she said: "You know, this makes sense. I do see that breast cancer survival rates for women of color are lower than for caucasian women." I love the statement by Madame-Athena Chang: "CHANGE STARTS WITH YOU!". We are in charge of our health and the choices we make. Proud to be part of the Beautycounter meaningful mission and being a passionate "point...

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