Super excited to share my interview with Shoutout Atlanta

Super excited to share my interview with Shoutout Atlanta

Their mission is to create community connection and encourage people to meet small businesses and creatives in their area.


I invite you to take a peek and share if the interview hits your positivity button.


“I thrive on happy vibes. I firmly believe a better world demands a best version of each of us. A best version of us requires we feel good, we function optimally, we grow personally continuously so that we live our purpose, are fulfilled and thus make decisions to elevate society. It is my desire to be a source of empowerment and positivity and by helping people be their authentic self, contribute to the rise of consciousness in the world. It is my desire to inspire people to dream and show them it is possible to live your dream. It is my desire to make a difference.”


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Thank you, Shoutout Atlanta for the opportunity and everyone who has been/ is part of my journey! 


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