Pilates studio in Atlanta


As I am still on a high from this recognition, I went down memory lane….


My original plan wasn’t to have my own studio so soon. Things worked this way when I was frustrated things weren’t going as I had originally planned (interesting, ha!).


I purchased my first reformer for my own personal use. Then I wanted to add another piece for me. Ran into an ad from a girl who was closing her studio.


She had posted all the pieces she was selling. If you don’t know, finding used Gratz equipment and in good shape is almost like hitting the lottery.


Under her post, there were so many comments inquiring for details. I thought – what are the chances this could happen?!?


I texted her several times with no response….and I texted, and texted…until one day she responded! I decided to get several pieces of equipment versus the one I wanted.


I had to find a company to transport the apparatus…that stuff isn’t easy or cheap to ship. It needs to stay perfectly balanced….


Long story short…the equipment was delivered.


I remember the day my hubby and I got home, and my little one greeted us jumping up and down: Mama, mama, you have to come see what’s in the basement!!! 😀


The blood drained down to my feet – oh yeah, I hadn’t mentioned my 4-digit purchase to my hubby!


Understandably, he was pissed. I would have been too.


But I knew if I had mentioned this to him prior to the purchase, he would have told me this is my next no-sense idea, discouraged me and fed my fears, which, trust me, didn’t need any extra fuel. 🔥


He refused to help put the equipment together. Well, if you think that will stop me…Thank God for my mom and little one! Who says girls need help? 😀


I showed him my pricing sheet. His response sucked: Maria, you are crazy! No one is going to come to a home-based studio and pay those prices! You have to slash them in half! 😱


In half? 😳😳😳


Think – fear!


One part of me: He is right!


The other part of me: Get it together, girl! Ain’t the time to be scared!


So I told him: I will compete on value, not price! Watch me fill the studio!


I know it is not easy being married to a rebel. And I know I should have told him in advance.


But sometimes you have to stick to your guts! And there is something about standing up for what you believe in.


Of course, a day later he came around and was downstairs checking on bolts and connections. And he does appreciate his stretching sessions on the equipment. 😀


The Rebellious Pilates Studio has now existed for only 1 year, and I know in my heart the best is yet to come! #gratitude


My favorite part of the press release was the one that perfectly aligned with my intention: impact, community, serving!


“These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Sandy Springs area a great place to live, work and play.”


Cheers to following your purpose, giving and changing lives!

Rebellious Intl
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