September 3rd, 1992 is the date when my family got reunited in the great country of U.S.A.

September 3rd, 1992 is the date when my family got reunited in the great country of U.S.A.

Dad had arrived here a few months earlier. He was invited as an exchange scientist at University of Georgia Department of Biochemistry.


Couple of months later, mom, my brother and I made the flight across the ocean. It was supposed to be a 6-month trip. This was 28 years ago.


Dad was a dreamer. In communist Bulgaria, he would make the bold statement that one day he will take his family to the U.S.A. Some people laughed, others politely smiled.


When he decided to bring us all here, most thought he was insane. Life savings spent to buy 3 airline tickets. Leaving close extended family behind. Coming to a new country with “safety” guaranteed for other 3 months. What are you thinking?!?


The old me and new me have a completely different view of the experience and my dad’s courage. How freaking bold! How he managed to silence the naysayers and keep course for what he knew was best for him and his family.




It wasn’t all smooth sailing. He wasn’t overly paid. Our first beds were inflatable mattresses. Our kitchen table was legs of a table with a flipped board on top of it. Our chairs kind of matched.


And so the journey began…. dad was a scientist on week days. He was a construction worker on the weekends. It didn’t phase him. He had a dream. He was keeping us here!


I think back and think – wow! What a REBEL dad was. I didn’t know it or appreciate the guts and dedication it took to make this happen. There were obstacles and bumps. They didn’t matter. I am so beyond proud of my entire family!


I have no idea especially today feels so special. Maybe because for yet another time I feel dad living through me with spirit, and, even when gone, he sets an example: “Yes, baby girl, you can do this! ALL IS TAKES IS DREAMING, BELIEVING, AND TAKING ACTION TO SEE IT ALL HAPPEN!”


Happy dreaming, rebels! Keep at it!

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