My mom and I are quite opposite personalities. She is quiet and the epitome of grace and politeness. Then there is me – outspoken and opinionated.


Mom has never been the workout type. She loves walking but that’s about it. I guess it’s part of our Bulgarian culture and her generation – working out wasn’t the thing. Neither was self care.


Mom has tried Pilates and actually enjoys it. But she never wants to bother me or impose so she doesn’t do it….well, until I gifted her our 30-day online program -30 Days to Connection, Calm and a Tighter Tush.


I told her about it. She was thinking about it. I gifted it to her. She is not the meditation, journaling, pilates chic but she has always been that annoyingly diligent student (she is a PhD in biochemistry).


To no surprise, mom has been the best student. She religiously watches/ listens to the content and does the work.


Yesterday, I went to grab a bottle of water upstairs, and mom was sitting watching TV having her coffee.


Me: Did you do your daily work?

Mom: yes, I did my journal entry and meditation.

Me: How about Pilates?


Mom smirked.


Me: Well, I am going to workout, in case you want to do your workout too.


And on I went to the studio downstairs.


A few minutes later, I hear mom come down. She took her mat and pillow and went to her usual corner to quietly do her thing.


I got up to grab a towel …. smiling inside seeing my mom’s limbs move. I was about to get on the equipment when she said:


Hey, am I doing this right?


Oh, I so love to do what I do! I rerouted to her.


She was practicing the plank.


So we did a couple of corrections making sure she doesn’t sink through the low back.


Me: Ok, mom, push through the arms, squeeze your Tush, pull your belly in!


Mom is executing!


Mom: OMG, it burns!

Me: I know, doesn’t it feel amazing?!?

Mom: I am sweating now!

Me: That’s awesome too! Keep holding!

Mom: Burning a lot now, sweating, can I come down now?


A few second later she was down. We then went through Pilates push ups. She said those are simply impossible! 😂


Can I just tell you how FREAKING EXCITED I am to see mom build up a daily routine! Doing this AND on her own – it is huge. She is 69-years old (but you can never tell!) and she is just now dabbing into the world of self care.


Her life has been about work and kids and now she makes it all about taking care of us. It is so difficult to convince someone to self care….they have to be ready for it. And seeing mom starting to embrace it makes me proud and so happy for her!


She finished her workout with a smile.


Me: Don’t you feel much better now?

Mom: Yes! I really do! You know what, I will go for a walk!


As a client walked in for class, she said:


Saw your mom with a big smile taking her walk.


Ah! Who knew!


It is never too late to open a new chapter in life! Who knows what kind of treasure and adventure may be happening there!




I hope this post inspires many others to commence on a journey to self care!


If you want more info for the online program that mom follows, here is the link.



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