My word for 2020 – COURAGE

My word for 2020 – COURAGE

It is amazing what awareness, in any aspect, can do for one.

Never in a million years did I imagine the life journey that the decision to be an entrepreneur would put me on. Naively, I thought it will be a simple matter of having a new job.  I have education, I have experience, I gathered guts to make the big move….We don’t know what we don’t know….

Little did I know that was just the beginning of self discovery and growth I had neither dreamed of nor envisioned.

I thought I knew myself well….but then the story started unfolding…. I was so unaware of my mindset, of the things that hold me back….

You know how I preach self care? Self care is what has kept me not only sane but also smiling and enjoying this ride.

When you plan for A and it turns into C, the anxiety and stress that come along for those of us who like things perfect and in control are no fun (speaking from experience)…and now your paycheck is tightly tied to changing tides…speaking of pressure.

Movement, breathing, meditation, journaling, personal growth reading, coaching….falling down, getting up, disappointments, relationships….. purpose, belief, acceptance, boundaries, trust…. all those little things we read cute statements about and that all of a sudden have a much deeper and real meaning.

I had no idea….but choosing to be an entrepreneur has pushed me to grow beyond my wildest expectations. And I’m just a newbie starting to unravel it all.

The great news is that my awareness had spiked up. I’m keenly aware of my own patterns, excuses, fears and when they come into play…. I’m now capable of calling myself out on my own bullsh*t.

So, for 2020, my word is COURAGE! Courage to get really uncomfortable and continuously go after the bigger things that I want. Courage to take a breathe, close my eyes and jump rather than over think, over analyze, make excuses, blame others, etc., etc.

Anyone else, entrepreneur or not, able to relate to any of this? I’d love to hear your take and also your choice of 2020 word!

🎉 Have a rebelliously courageous year, Rebels!

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