Stretching and it feels so good!…. Especially after a run.


Flexibility is essential for muscle health. A HEALTHY MUSCLE is one exhibiting STRENGTH, FLEXIBILITY, ENDURANCE & CONTROL.


And guess what? PILATES is a holistic method addressing all of the above as well as MIND & SPIRIT!


MONKEY is a fab hamstring and back stretch. You can see that I have further opportunity for straightening the back, and my weak side is the right one (watch the curve in the back – it is more apparent when stretching the right leg).


It is also important to note that while this is a stretch, it requires quite a bit of core strength. If the core is not engaged, the stretch can get into the back making this exercise not only counter effective but also dangerous for the back.


🤸‍♀️ Does your daily routine include stretching?

Do you stretch your entire body?

Where do you carry tension?


🙆‍♂️ For many people stiffest are the shoulders, low back, and the flexors. Tightness can contribute to a slew of issues including headaches, low back pain, poor posture, impacted organ health, injuries and more. If you are an athlete, stiffness may impact your performance.


🙆‍♂️ Start the day by stretching gently in bed. Follow your body’s needs. Extend the arms, reach side to side. Point and flex the toes. Rock the knees gently side to side. Turn the head right and left. Feel the blood flow going and the body waking up.


Try to squeeze a stretch here and there throughout the day – conference calls, the grocery line, seize each opportunity.


Make stretching part of daily life. Your body will be grateful!

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