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If you love the products, please consider joining our team(s)! For Young Living Essential Oils and Beautycounter, most of us independent distributors and consultants do not start the journey with sales in mind; however, passion is contagious. The teams are very passionate about what we do! It is a fun, fulfilling experience! And, the good news is, you can try it with no risk, at your own pace, working whenever and wherever you want to.

I know right now you are wondering what the trick is; there isn’t one. Please inquire if you would like additional information.

Essential Oils

Personally, I decided to get on the sales side when I realized the potential and impact these powerful gifts from nature have on our family wellness; it was way too good not to share. And Young Living is about a lot more than just oils; they are about a lifestyle and awareness and transformation. You may get called ‘crazy’ a few times along the way, and you will get a few weird looks, but there is nothing like getting a call/ text from someone, especially a skeptic, raving about oils. Once you are a Member, you have the right to sell.

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Want to join a company that is not just for profit but is also passionate about changing an entire industry and meaningfully impacting lives? Beautycounter initially struck a cord with their stats on cancer. My dad died of lung cancer when he was 48; I was 19. He did not smoke.

What closed the deal was hearing a statement similar to: “All is takes is to tick women just a little bit to see huge changes happen!” during an event.  Nothing like sharing good stuff and changing lifestyles!

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If you love teaching, enjoy working with people, and want to help people get stronger, consider certification with the best! I completed my 600-hour certification at Pilates of Dunwoody. They teach Romana’s Pilates, which is classical Pilates developed by Joseph Pilates.

For additional information, please contact the studio directly; ask to speak to Holly.

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