My mom and I are quite opposite personalities. She is quiet and the epitome of grace and politeness. Then there is me - outspoken and opinionated.   Mom has never been the workout type. She loves walking but that’s about it. I guess it’s part of our Bulgarian culture and her generation - working out wasn’t the thing. Neither was self care.   Mom has tried Pilates and actually enjoys it. But she never wants to bother me or impose so she doesn’t do it...


I love this new trend….the word of the year. Last year, I picked the word GROWTH. Unannounced, the word SURRENDER accompanied it. Somehow and inevitably, both words appear to be mutually dependent – in order to grow, one must surrender; in order to be able to surrender, one must grow. 2018 was an amazing year. Indeed, a year full of personal and professional GROWTH and a year where the word SURRENDER gained even more respect in my Rebellious world. SURRENDER as trust that everything that is happening is taking place for a reason, trust that even when things don’t go my way, they are going the way they are supposed to go. A prominent sign in my bedroom faces me each day I wake up: “TODAY YOU...


WHAT IS IT: A synthetic form of vitamin A THE GOOD: Demonstrate effective anti-agin properties including speeding up cell turn over and reversing sun damage. THE BAD: May increase skin cancer risk for sun-exposed skin. In high doses, may pose development toxicity. EWG RATING: 9 (high hazard) Rated with a high overall hazard, including high rating for developmental & reproductive toxicity and low cancer concerns. Check out info under Biochemical or cellular level changes and Cancer. There are quite a few studies on the ingredients in this category but below are a couple of easy-to-comprehend summaries on the topic. SUMMARIES: http://www.safecosmetics.org/…/retinol-and-retinol-compoun…/ https://blogs.webmd.com/…/retinol-when-to-use-it-and-when-t… EWG RATING - RETINOL: https://www.ewg.org/…/ingr…/706889/RETINOL_%28VITAMIN_A%29/… EWG RATING - RETINYL PALMITATE: https://www.ewg.org/…/RETINYL_PALMITATE_%28VITAMIN_A_PALM…/… EWG RATING - RETINYL ACETATE: https://www.ewg.org/…/RETINYL_ACETATE_%28VITAMIN_A_ACETAT…/… Do you use products with these ingredients?...


Feel Beautiful Today efforts to help cancer patients improve their quality of life.

JOIN US TODAY ALONG WITH "FEEL BEAUTIFUL TODAY" TO PROVIDE EACH NEWLY DIAGNOSED CANCER PATIENT WITH AN ARTS IN HEALTH PROGRAM THAT COULD IMPROVE THEIR QUALITY OF LIFE. Feel Beautiful Today has been making remarkable efforts to help cancer patients. This is something of tremendous personal importance to me and I am eager to show support in such amazing work Feel Beautiful Today does to help Cancer patients. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHIcGqAcO04[/embed] [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktigz62hUDs[/embed] Find out more about our efforts to help cancer patients by clicking here....

7 essential oils happy people use

We all want to live our happiest life, but sometimes the daily hustle and bustle makes deep, lasting happiness seem like a faraway goal. But some simple, everyday practices can increase your joy. From healthy habits like adequate sleep and exercise to self-improvement techniques like meditation and goal setting, these happiness hacks are often on the schedules of the happiest people. And the best part? There are essential oil uses for each of them! Check out our list of habits and benefits of essential oils below, so you can start your journey to a brighter tomorrow! Peppermint for exercise Know people who love Peppermint? There’s a good chance they use it for their active lifestyle, which is a critical part of a happy life! Whether it’s hitting the gym,...

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