Relaxation After a Long Day

What to do after a long day at work? When finally relaxing, it's so soothing to diffuse an oil of one's liking! What's going on in the diffuser right now? One of my favorites - ylang ylang - a sweet and soothing aroma! For more Young Living Essential Oils Favorites, click here....


About Rebellious

I have always been intrigued by fitness. If you have read My Story, you know the history of how I got into the gym world from a very early age. The rest is history. I am absolutely fascinated by the way physical fitness does the body and the mind good. It is not only a way to maintain shape but also a way to maintain sanity in today's busy world. Fitness, whether gym classes or running or yoga or Pilates, has always re-energized me in amazing ways. In addition, I absolutely enjoy teaching classes and helping bodies and minds get stronger. Continue Reading...


My Story

Background Originally from Bulgaria, my family relocated to the U.S.A. in 1992. Moving to this country was a dream of my dad. He was frequently mocked over it while we lived in the Eastern European Block. But he made it happen! I am the older of 2. My younger brother came 5 years behind me, and was unique, amongst other things, in that he spiced a family generation of all girls. From early on, I was the older sister and the one who had chores, had to be responsible and set example. My parents raised us to be very independent. Early on, they would allow us to make our own decisions with their famous saying: "The choice is yours but so is the consequence". Kind of makes...



8/27/16 - Yesterday, I caught up with a friend who traveled for the Olympic Games. She had missed my big news about the career move. I acknowledged I am scared. Here is an excerpt from her message: "I've known you for what like 3 months, and you've got three new people under you and have impacted 5 lives...


Another Stressful Day

8/10/16 - Just two days ago, I resigned with one of my bosses. Today was the day to tell the other one, who had just returned from vacation. Nothing better than being slammed at work after vacation and then one of your employees quits, right? The night before I went to bed thinking excitedly - let's get this over with tomorrow! I woke up with the stomach up my throat. Nerves playing their game again. Why? I had really already resigned so why do I care again? The darn fear and self doubt creeping up again. Are you sure? Maybe this is a chance to change your mind? Oh, great, letting another person down! Burning a bridge? Deep breaths, deep breaths...

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