What is in Your Cosmetics?

Take a couple of minutes to watch the ABC Video (link below) capturing a simple experiment performed to test for the impact of parabens (preservatives in cosmetic) and phthalates (used to make fragrances stick to skin). Toxic ingredients found in cosmetics go through the skin, our largest organ, into the bloodstream thus impacting our health. Of course, not all chemicals are bad; however, those that are toxic can be very potent even in tiny doses. Here is an interesting example and some food for thought: In NuvaRing, there are 0.035 PPB (parts per billion) and that prevents contraception. Yes, that is per Billion. Beautycounter, a company on a mission to spread awareness on the issue of chemicals in personal care and cosmetics, bans both parabens and phthalates...

Because of You

When you attend an event that reinforces that what you do makes such a difference. When you meet beautiful souls who have gone through so much  but whose smile is contagious, their spirit is unbreakable, and their courage is inspiring.   A complete mess now wishing I could have attended a survivor event for you, dad. After all these years, the pain is so raw and so real. I wish I knew back then all that I know now. May not have made a difference but I wish we could have tried different ways.   People say things happen for a reason. I often wonder why you were taken away from us so soon. We would never know. However, what I do know today is that Rebellious would probably...

Cyber Monday – Beautycounter

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