How to do a Headstand

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWYZcMAGh_0 One of my favorite exercises for a mid-day pick-me-up! Works much better than coffee and offers some additional perks. This is a fantastic exercise to increase blood flow to the brain (hence the pick-me-up), scalp (less grey hair), face (better skin) on top of strengthening the upper body and core! Need more reasons?  Think not! Try to enjoy a minute or two daily. Do not get discouraged if it takes you time to find your balance.   If you have never done a headstand, be careful and try the headstand in an area clear of furniture and objects on which you can get hurt. Summon a partner if you need assistance with finding your balance. If you have blood pressure, eye or any other medical issues, please...

Beautycounter – New Product Launch

  Beautycounter is launching a gorgeous DESERT SUNRISE PALETTE - a collection of warm shades of eyeshadows and blushes - along with two limited edition shades of LIP GLOSS - Beeblossom and Coralbell. Grab your collection today (1/9/16) and receive a FREE All-Over Eye Brush (US: $25 value / CAN: $31 value)*. How to Order   THE PALETTE eyeshadows and blushes are perfect for all skin types, on-the-go and day-to-night beauty look. Eyeshadow Shades • Pearl (illuminating white) • Champagne (illuminating gold) • Dove (dusty lavender) • Khaki (golden olive) NEW • Bark (luminous brown) NEW • Pinot (luminous eggplant)   Blush Shades • Tawny (warm peachy tan) • Bloom (soft pink) • Flamingo (vibrant pink coral)   Key Ingredients Benefits Porcelain flower extract: Hoya Lacunosa petals are covered in a fine layer that gives them a shiny, crystalline appearance. The delicate Thai bloom...

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