Beautycounter Masks

Have you tried the Beautycounter masks yet? Do you know which one is best for your skin type?   Read the latest Beautycounter blog post to learn more about matching masks with your personal needs.   I have oily skin and mostly use #3 mask. On a good week, I will use it 1-2x. Occasionally, I will mix it up with mask #2. The masks dry quickly - 10-15 minutes. I always remove with a muslin cloth. I have also used #3 to spot treat 'beautiful' pimples.   Want to try a mask or two? Please use link to shop directly or let me know if you need assistance. Click to Order ...

Conscious Life – Integration

Super excited to share the news that Rebellious Intl is now sharing essential oil goodness on the pages of Conscious Life Journal! The Journal follows the 5 stages of healing: Mind, Body, Spirit, Integration, and Balance and offers insightful information guiding individuals during their transformational journey to higher state of consciousness. Rebellious Intl views an individual from the same 360-degree perspective and is honored to be a part of such incredible publication. Read on! For access to the full publication and to subscribe to the magazine, follow this link. To order your integration oils, click here. ...

U Sandy Springs

Excited to announce that Rebellious Intl is collaborating with U Sandy Springs, a new publication focused on 4 pillars of you - physical, emotional, personal and professional, and will contribute with writing and marketing! Eager to spread goodness in the community.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srPHu5y_QtA...

Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! ? Beautycounter puts the Earth on its priority list! As a B corporation, they consider people, planet and profits and use the power of business to help solve social and environmental problems by voluntarily meeting higher standards of transparency, accountability and performance. We can do our part to contribute! REUSE & RECYCLE - Opt for recyclable products, reusable coffee mugs & water bottles and reusable cloth grocery bags - Don't print unless necessary - Buy quality clothes and products rather than junk FIND YOUR CITY'S RECYCLING RULES : http://earth911.com/recycling-guide/ CONSERVE WATER - Only running water when needed - Shorten shower time - Turn water off while brushing teeth - Only run full loads of laundry - Water lawns early AM or later PM CONSERVE ENERGY - Turn lights off when they aren't necessary - When possible, turn AC...

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