September 3rd, 1992 is the date when my family got reunited in the great country of U.S.A.

Dad had arrived here a few months earlier. He was invited as an exchange scientist at University of Georgia Department of Biochemistry.   Couple of months later, mom, my brother and I made the flight across the ocean. It was supposed to be a 6-month trip. This was 28 years ago.   Dad was a dreamer. In communist Bulgaria, he would make the bold statement that one day he will take his family to the U.S.A. Some people laughed, others politely smiled.   When he decided to bring us all here, most thought he was insane. Life savings spent to buy 3 airline tickets. Leaving close extended family behind. Coming to a new country with "safety" guaranteed for other 3 months. What are you thinking?!?   The old me and new me have...

My interview with Michael Tetreault

Beyond excited to share my interview with Michael Tetreault from Concierge Medicine Today ! Thank you for the opportunity to share my passion and spread the word on the powerful benefits of Pilates with the concierge medical community. Concierge Medicine Today is an online news and information organization for the Concierge Medicine marketplace providing valuable information on business aspects, trends, breaking news and more to drive conversation on a national and international level. Tune in to listen!  ...


Super excited to share my interview with Shoutout Atlanta

Their mission is to create community connection and encourage people to meet small businesses and creatives in their area.   I invite you to take a peek and share if the interview hits your positivity button.   "I thrive on happy vibes. I firmly believe a better world demands a best version of each of us. A best version of us requires we feel good, we function optimally, we grow personally continuously so that we live our purpose, are fulfilled and thus make decisions to elevate society. It is my desire to be a source of empowerment and positivity and by helping people be their authentic self, contribute to the rise of consciousness in the world. It is my desire to inspire people to dream and show them it...

Podcast series – Fueling Her

Super excited to have been a part of the podcast series - Fueling Her: A Woman’s Guide to Wellness - hosted by the talented Dr. Chelsea Drga and Dr. J Michelle Martin to discuss Pilates, lifestyle and business.    These women are kick-ass entrepreneurs dedicated to improving women’s health one woman at a time. 👩    Dr Chelsea is a passionate family chiropractor with Atlanta Natural Health Clinic and Dr. J is a passionate pelvic floor PT with JMM Health Solutions.    I am grateful to have these super women and powerhouses as part of my tribe where there is dedication and passion for creating awareness about a holistic lifestyle and empowering others to be in charge of their health. 🙌   Tune in and do check out their other insightful episodes.   http://fuelingherpodcast.buzzsprout.com/...

Who Am I?

As the entrepreneurial journey got going, I had to ask and answer a few fundamental questions:   Who am I? Why do I think and behave the way I do?   There was much digging into my childhood. Tell me about your childhood. Hm! I can’t remember anything really traumatic or off from my childhood. If I had to pick one word to describe my childhood, it would be ‘happy’.   The question kept coming over and over. I realized it wasn’t just ‘bad’ things that taint our subconscious thinking. Little words said in love or repeated had a way of waiving a story I was tangled in.   Tell me about your childhood … I have dug, and dug and dug … kept wondering if I am missing something big …   A couple...

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