Another Stressful Day

Another Stressful Day

8/10/16 – Just two days ago, I resigned with one of my bosses. Today was the day to tell the other one, who had just returned from vacation. Nothing better than being slammed at work after vacation and then one of your employees quits, right?

The night before I went to bed thinking excitedly – let’s get this over with tomorrow! I woke up with the stomach up my throat. Nerves playing their game again. Why? I had really already resigned so why do I care again? The darn fear and self doubt creeping up again. Are you sure? Maybe this is a chance to change your mind? Oh, great, letting another person down! Burning a bridge?

Deep breaths, deep breaths…..

I get in the office. I need to catch my boss logged in on the network. He is an early riser. Why exactly this early AM is he not on Lynked? The minutes feel like hours. I really can’t focus, and I have so much stuff to do!

Maybe he decided to take an extra day off. Uh, I really need to get this off my chest and re-focus. I sent an e-mail asking him to let me know when he has a  minute. He responds immediately to call him. Deep breath, keep it cool! Maybe he will be relieved? After all, I have been such a pain in the a** for him always asking why, etc.

We get on the phone, he is not up to the polite conversation starters….yeah, neither am I because I am really freaking out.

I tell him, and here we go again….after the initial disappointment, yet another great, supportive response! Man, good people to report to are so hard to find…..am I making a huge mistake?

Shake it off! You got this. Don’t let fear get in the way of chasing a dream…..

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