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I have always been intrigued by fitness. If you have read My Story, you know the history of how I got into the gym world from a very early age. The rest is history. I am absolutely fascinated by the way physical fitness does the body and the mind good. It is not only a way to maintain shape but also a way to maintain sanity in today’s busy world. Fitness, whether gym classes or running or yoga or Pilates, has always re-energized me in amazing ways. In addition, I absolutely enjoy teaching classes and helping bodies and minds get stronger.

I got into Young Living essential oils in Dec’15 because of my 3.5-year old at the time. We started the oils to maintain a strong immune system that was necessary for day care attendance (if you are a parent, you most likely know what I mean). Several months into the oily journey, I was overwhelmed and completely impressed by these powerful little bottles. I had never considered doing essential oil sales but these oils were just way too good to not be shared.

Essential oils changed my family in unexpected ways as they have become a lifestyle. They made me aware of so many things I was oblivious to. I started reading more, wanting to learn more and found myself getting an incredible sense of satisfaction with each message or phone call by someone who benefited from the oils.

Young Living essential oils led me to Beautycounter in quest to find cleaner yet effective make up. That opened my eyes to the lack of regulation over cosmetics. What I love about both companies is that they are about a lot more than selling oils and cosmetics. They are about awareness, safer alternatives, changing lives in more than one way.

This cross point is where the thought struck me that Pilates, Young Living Essential Oils and Beautycounter offer a pretty comprehensive approach to a more holistic and ‘cleaner’ lifestyle. This is how the idea was born.

I also found myself working a full-time job, handling family life, doing Young Living essential oil and Beautycounter events and teaching Pilates, and being re-energized pursuing my side passions. Then one day at work, after some “exciting” meetings, another thought hit me – what if i devote my full energy to my passions? What if I do what I love? What if I can create awareness for others to search better solutions? The thought was very provoking.

I spent days and days and have pages and pages of potential company names. I needed a company name that truly reflected my mission and personality. A name that captures passion, restlessness, energy…..I fell in love with instantaneously!

I would love to grow this company and help many others not only change their lifestyle but be inspired to want to help others do so. I aspire to build a company where employees are required to take care of themselves, have flexibility and balance to do what their heart desires. To sum it up, I want to change lives (yes, I know, you are not the first one to think this is crazy but please pause and think how rewarding that is).

I truly hope that the information you find on this website is educational and intriguing enough to make you want to learn more. Even if the products I have chosen for me and my family happen to not be your choice, I hope you leave the site with a bit more than when Google first landed you here.

Thank you for visiting! Wish you health and abundance!


  • Because I felt I was drowning in daily life
  • Because I was starting to lose the happy, energetic me
  • Because I was the rushed mom who had no patience
  • Because my hubby was feeling neglected
  • Because my mom lives with us but I had no time to spend with her
  • Because my family deserves a better me
  • Because I wasn’t sleeping enough and that started to impact my health
  • Because I wasn’t working out and felt like crap
  • Because I wanted to enjoy each day and live it to the fullest
  • Because I had to try
  • Because I didn’t want to have regrets and go wishing I had had the guts to follow my dreams
  • Because I believe I have a bigger purpose in life
  • Because following my passion makes me happy
  • Because I get genuine satisfaction from helping others feel good


Because our bodies can do amazing things if we care for them right

Because changing even one life is so worth while

Because I want to empower people by helping them feel better through nurturing the body, mind and spirit

That is why was founded


  • Because Pilates empowers me, and my body craves the challenging, fluid movements
  • Because Pilates makes me stand taller, run faster, function better
  • Because Pilates has made me stronger at close to 40 than I was in my 20s
  • Because I have always loved teaching fitness
  • Because I am continuously fascinated by the way the body progresses and improves with consistency and hard work
  • Because I love making bodies and minds stronger and more confident


  • Because it is better to be proactive about wellness
  • Because the oils have truly changed out lifestyle and life
  • Because nature offers us such a precious gift to support physical, emotional and spiritual well being
  • Because the oils are so super versatile, and I use oils for anything and everything daily
  • Because others needs to know there are alternatives


  • Because I lost my dad, when he was 48, to cancer; I was 19
  • Because I don’t want another family to go through what we did
  • Because of my best friends just had double mastectomy
  • Because she is part of the 90% of breast cancer patients who do not have a genetic mutation
  • Because the stats on environmental health are horrifying
  • Because I want to be part of the solution and make people aware
  • Because what we put on our skin matters
  • Because we all deserve better
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